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school why so depressing adskajdhakshdkahdka



cant draw glasses for shit (aka lazy)
new coat yeah

will update his character sheet thing on dA later.. aka someday

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just giving him a new coat.. sigh

my design is so WA-ish..

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not homo


"oi Arca, you better tell me where did you hide my porns"
"...but porns are prohibited in school!"

hey you guys made me draw this

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ugh sucks. School is being hectic i wish i can stop the time.

hika drew me a cool zone breaker art!! I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy//////////

suddenly feels like drawing them aah


Lazy :(
My Original is so boring lol sob


It's cold already, be careful to not get sick guys!! (I caught a flu already sob)
anyway lester is hard to draw :(

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i love uniform


butler lester.
We were talking about butler/maids clothes i think..? i didn't remember what started it tho lol
drew this right after i went out from hospital (but i forgot until yesterday XD)

anyway this maid/butler talk is one of those times i had fun in hospital, thanks guys!


i really really like uniform.. boys in gakuran look so cool.. i also love blazer.
it's too bad my high school uniform is so boring.

goa boys in uniform just because.

i have this image in my head where arca wears a 'school discipline committee' armband
also eclair with meganeeeeeeee


also girllssssss i love drawing girlsssssssss

who cares about ages lalalala

aanyway re-joining goa. was inactive because I was busy with rl... looking forward to some events in the future!

i tried fc2 mobile, and blargh why the picts went darker o__o;; i'll edit once i'm on pc

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